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"Javier's individualized attention, wealth of knowledge & wisdom, &

honest, candid, professional advice have been invaluable to our organization.

Always ready & willing to be of service, often times after hours.

Thank You Javier !"

*Director of Human Resources

Bio-Tech Medical Software- USA

"The founder Javier is exceptional, his ethics & integrity are superlative, his experience has helped our team move to the next level!"

*GM - Consumer Products Multinational- Chile

"PeopleToo has guided my firm in HR concerns & issues; they have provided

management & leadership training for our staff & has provided

invaluable support in tough personnel decisions."

* CEO-Consumer Services Industry-USA

"Mr. Delgado did a multi-generational workshop on the 5 generations in the

workplace ; what a eye opener it showed our managers flexibility needed to lead

our people as they are, different strokes for different folks."

*VP of Operations- Puerto Rico Subsidiary- USA

"My coaching process help me look inside myself, my life, my professional

accomplishments & gave me the compass I needed to be a more

effective leader to my team. Coaching is great & I am glad

that PeopleToo and Mr. Delgado guided me through this enlightening


*President/CEO-Energy Producer- Argentina

" I called Javier as he was getting off a flight from Latin America with an emergency,  my boss wanted a "motivational speech" to the whole team about "engagement and teamwork" delivered in 48 hours; he delivered a one hour chat that was incredible and really pumped up our team! wow! that is unbeatable service!

*Director Operations- Miami Fashion Design Manufacturer and retailer- USA